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Efficient pipe insulation has many benefits which are complimentary to each other:-

By reducing heat loss through pipes, fuel is saved and running costs reduced.

Temperatures of the fluid in the pipe can be maintained near the correct level regardless of external conditions.

"Wild" heat loss from piping is reduced, making the building more pleasant in summer and easier to control in winter.

All bare pipes over 50 degrees centigrade should be insulated for safety.

With minimum heat loss the heating system can be tailored to the optimum.

Uninsulated steam pipes of small diameter may get choked with condensation which can restrict steam supply to outlying areas.

Condensation can be prevented on low temperature services which can also prevent unsightly staining.

The risk of freezing of exposed pipe work is much reduced.

The reduction of irritating noises within pipes.

In new plant, high levels of fire safety can be designed in right from the start.


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