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Operating from the Norfolk countryside, McLatchie Insulations is a family business with well over fifty years’ experience of insulation techniques.

  We are able to provide a service throughout the U.K. supplying high quality insulation and trace heating to industry, water authorities, food and public sectors.

Some of the materials used :

Rockwool,  Rocksil, Fibreglass, Kooltherm, Phenolic, Nilflam, Calcium silicate, ceramic fibre, valve covers, Isogenopak, Armaflex, polystyrene, P.I.B. (polyisobutylene)

                      TRACE HEATING

Sub-zero temperatures are the worst enemy of pipework. If these conditions persist, they can lead to considerable damage and expense.  Fuel oil lines and fatty waste pipes start clogging.  Water pipes freeze and burst, causing interrupted water supply and flooding.  Insulation can delay the freezing process but it cannot prevent it.

 This is where McLatchie Insulation also offer trace heating application.


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